Hello to whoever is reading this :D

TLDR (too long didn’t read)

  • Boonjae:
    • Create - promotes creating/building hobbies/habits over consuming
    • Easier to build habits with our friends keeping holding us accountable
    • Safer - All users are private and cannot be public, must be friends
    • No doomscrolling - Only see you and your friends posts for the week
    • No comparison - No likes/comments/seeing number of followers
  • Boonjae (분재) - the Korean art of miniaturising trees and growing them in shallow containers

Welcome to Boonjae !

We are a habit tracking app where you can share your progress with your friends. You can create habits and weekly tasks will be added to your todo list. Click on the task to create a post or just check it to mark it as done !

The problem we’re trying to solve:

Social media used to be a simple place where you could share photos with your friends. It’s still a place to do this but it has gotten quite complex and evolved into something that we’d never expect.


Almost all modern social media platforms have a feed where users are able to scroll through an infinite amount of content. The infinite scrolling makes users unaware of how long they’ve been spending on the app. Also with the rapid adoption of machine learning models, content is specially curated to each individual. This incites an addictive platform that makes it hard for all to get off.

Controlling your content

With some feeds, users receive content that they do not follow at all. This can be especially dangerous for younger minds.

Knowing too much.

With modern social media, you can see a lot of information of a lot of people with public profiles. A lil too much. Although social media is a great way of connecting with others, it may be a little too open.

Consuming > Creating

We think that the vast majority of users on social media are consuming on a much more regular cadence than posting.


We are all human. It’s only in our nature to compare ourselves to others. Some of us constantly look at number of likes and number of followers we have and compare them to others.

Enter Boonjae.

We are attempting to solve these problems and be a safe and private platform where users only see the content of their friends.

We encourage you to post a lot about your hobbies and habits you’re trying to build. But we think that the number of friends you have on this app doesn’t matter. You can still use this app without the social aspect !

There’s no liking/commenting posts on Boonjae.

Honestly if you read this far, good for you. Many people’s attention spans (including ours) makes it difficult to focus on one thing for a while (another problem with social media).

Just like 분재, building habits is an art of patience. Start building your garden of habits and just wait and see the person you will be in some time.

Thank you for reading this much :)

Here’s to safer, more personable, and healthier social media!